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Jillina Presents: Bellydance Evolution's "Immortal Desires" DVD
$20 CAD (+shipping)

BDE Immortal DesiresMiddle Eastern dance takes on a whole new form in this mythological tale of passion, jealousy and a love that transcends time.

This DVD contains a full length theatrical bellydance show & 15 minutes of behind the scenes footage, showing the making of Bellydance Evolution.

Executive Producer/Director: Jillina
Original Story by Brandi Centeno
Original Score by Paul Dinletir

Starring: Jillina, Kaeshi, Sharon Kihara, Elizabeth Strong, Louchia, Heather Aued, Angeles, Zurab Dudashvili & Gia Mikeladze

Featuring: Larisa Beasley, Fional Manners, Jennifer Daly, Jill Collins, Cecilia Delgado, Paula Saneaux, Delmar Reyna, Eglal, Ziva, Maki, Yazan Farraj, TJ Troy

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Jillina: Egyptian Pop Choreography DVD
$20 CAD (+shipping)

Egyptian Pop with JillinaUpbeat and Exciting, Egyptian popular music appeals to all audiences. you just have to dance to it! Jillina teaches you how by adding traditional egyptian steps to modern belly dance for a playful high-energy performance.

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Asala I
Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra DVD
$25 CAD (+shipping)

Asala I"Arresting Imagery" The Globe and Mail
"Hypnotic...artistry and passion" Dance International

Executive Producer/Artistic Director: Yasmina Ramzy
Musical Director: Bassam Bishara

ASALA which means "origin" or "roots" in Arabic. The latest production by Arabesque Dance Company is filled with traditional dance styles, flavours, sounds, costumes and character of the Middle East.

Video clips:

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Mahmoud Reda Choreography DVD
$40 CAD (+shipping)

Mahmoud Reda 2006This DVD contains the choreographies El Ataba Gazaz, El Tesht Ally, Aah Ya Lamouny and Daani.

Born on 18 March 1930 in Cairo, Egypt, Mahmoud Reda is a pioneer of dance theatre in Egypt.  Soloist, choreographer and director of hundreds of productions, Mahmoud Reda has toured in more than 60 countries, performing on the world's most prestigious stages. He has also been principal actor, dancer and choreographer in popular Egyptian films.  Mahmoud Reda has been universally acclaimed for his dance with the strength of and appeal of a Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire.







40 Days and 1001 Nights CD
Bellydance Music for Tamalyn Dallal
$20 CAD (+shipping)

40 Days and 1001 Nights CDAfrica's oldest orchestra, the Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club, (Est. 1905), play an elaborate tapestry of instrumental Zanzibari songs. These are beautiful to do Middle Eastern dance to. You can hear each instrument; qanun, ney, violins, percussion, double bass..., in their natural form; acoustic.

This is one of my favourite CDs to dance to and just to listen to. The music is so beautiful and rich, it makes you want to dance!

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Made in Zanzibar CD
The Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club
$20 CAD (+shipping)

Made in Zanzibar CDGenius music teacher, composer and arranger, Mohammed Matona Issa, along with Africa's oldest orchestra, the Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club (Est. 1905) collaborated with Tamalyn Dallal in creating this CD, mixing and mashing strains of Zanzibari songs, Arabic music, and classical songs, such as Scheherezade, Bolero, La Habanera from Carmen, Dance Bachannale from Samson and Delilah, and Canon in D.

The musicianship is supurb. The concept is unique. This CD is great for artistic Middle Eastern and other interpretive dance forms or merely for listening pleasure. Instruments; Oud, Qanun,Violins, Tabla, Accordion, Cello, Double Bass, and varios percussion instruments.

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