Egyptian Music Appreciation & Practice for Bellydancers
By Dr. George Dimitri Sawa
$50 CAD (+shipping)

This is a fabulous resource and a must have for any serious bellydancer!

Egyptian Music Appreciation by Dr George SawaThis book is a comprehensive 4-chapter manual: 2 CDs, 65 tracks, 21 rhythms, and finger cymbal patterns, darabukka and riqq solos ; 8 maqams; photographs and description of 32 musical instruments; 6 musical forms.

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40 Days and 1001 Nights
By Tamalyn Dallal
$20 CAD (+shipping)

40 Days 1001 Nights BookTamalyn Dallal traveled to five Muslim countries from 2005-2006. This was a voyage of discovery- to see if the images of terror so often asscociated with this large swathe of the world ring true or if there is more we need to learn. She spent 40 days in each land; Indonesia, Egypt's Siwa Oasis, Zanzibar, Jordan, and China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region.  She tells of people, food, traditional celebrations, dances, music, and social issues.

Tamalyn Dallal is one of the most sought after instructors and performers of bellydance today. She was one of the original Bellydance Superstars and has herself taught and produced many of today's biggest bellydance stars such as Bozenka and Amar Gamal. This book is an insightful look at Tamalyn's adventures in 5 Muslim countries.  A great read!







40 Days and 1001 Nights back cover

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